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Gifted and Talented Programming

The Ohio Department of Education publishes Gifted Operating Standards that all Ohio districts must follow when identifying and designing services for gifted children. While gifted identification is required by law, gifted services are not mandated. However, districts receive state funding for providing services that meet the criteria set forth in Ohio’s Gifted Operating Standards. GMLS offers a variety of gifted services meeting the state criteria for students in grades 3-12.

Through the use of Ohio's Content Standards, gifted programming is focused on evidence-based practices, which increase the rigor of instruction, strengthen cognitive abilities, increase creativity, and foster the social and emotional development of gifted learners. Emphasis is placed on enhancing interpersonal and technical communication in the 21st Century for gifted youth to realize their potential.
The Groveport Madison Gifted and Talented Team is dedicated to providing appropriate and challenging services for our gifted youth. Students must meet gifted identification criteria set forth by the State of Ohio and then must meet the requirements set by the GMLS to qualify for specialized programming.
Current Programming Options

Our elementary programming consists of service in grade 3, 4 and 5.
In grade 3, Math Service takes place in a cluster group setting in the regular classroom with the Gifted specialists directly involved 240 minutes per week. Math service in grades 4 and 5 takes place a self-contained classroom with the GIS as the full time instructor, as well as 5th grade gifted reading services.
Students identified as cognitively gifted are eligible for any of our services at any grade level.
These elementary services are provided in 3 of the 6 elementary schools as follows:

Asbury Elementary Site:  Serves Asbury ES and Madison ES gifted students
Groveport Elementary Site:  Serves Groveport ES and Glendenning ES gifted students
Sedalia Elementary Site:  Serves Sedalia ES and Dunloe ES gifted students

For more information about the elementary program, please see our Elementary Programming Brochure.
Middle School
GMLS Middle School Gifted Programming continues through grades 6, 7 and 8, for math, reading and science. Gifted identified students in each of those areas, as well as those with superior cognitive abilities participate in a self-contained gifted class for each identified subject are every day. The Gifted Intervention Specialist is the full-time instructor for the service.

All services described above offer gifted students opportunities to work at faster paces and with higher level content through specialized courses that enable students to become accelerated to grades above their aged peers.
High School
At this time, our high school services involve Advanced Placement Courses (AP) in which students may earn college credit while still in high school. Gifted students may also pursue College Credit Plus, credit flex, and other opportunities that enable them to earn credits in non-traditional ways, graduate early, accelerate through content, or advance their understanding of specific content. For more information about the elementary program, please see our High School Programming Brochure.
Additional Information
Lynnea Johnson
Coordinator of Gifted Education
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