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What is Summer EBT?
The Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer Program for Children (Summer EBT or SUN Bucks) is new in the summer of 2024. Summer EBT/SUN Bucks provides grocery benefits to low-income families with school-aged children when schools are closed for the summer. Summer EBT benefits will either be loaded to a household’s Ohio Direction Card, or a benefit card will be sent in the mail to each eligible child. 

Families can use the money to buy food during the summer at grocery stores, farmers' markets, and other authorized retailers. Each eligible child will receive a one-time benefit of $120, and participation will not affect children's or families’ immigration status.

How do I know if my child is eligible to receive Summer EBT/Sun Bucks, and how do I apply?
Many families will get Summer EBT/SUN Bucks automatically if they are getting other benefits, but some families may need to apply for the program. If your household already participates in SNAP, OWF, or if income eligible and receiving Medicaid benefits, your child will automatically be enrolled to receive summer benefits. You do not need to fill out an application or take any further action.

Similarly, households who have been approved for free/reduced meal benefits at their school will be submitted to automatically receive the summer benefit with no further action.

If you are not automatically enrolled but you believe that your child might be eligible, you should submit a school meal application to your school food service department as soon as possible. If your child attends a Community Eligibility Provision School (a school receiving universal free meals without the collection of income applications), there will be an online application available at for households to apply for Summer EBT/SUN Bucks directly. When applying, you will be asked to provide your child’s name, school, date of birth, address, and some additional details. You will also be asked to report your household’s income. You will not need to provide any other documents or information, including social security number, proof of citizenship, or pay stubs to apply.

Did You Know?


Nutritious Meals Help Children Succeed in School

Children who eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch daily frequently perform better and are less distracted in school. Eating a daily school-provided breakfast and lunch is critical to student health and well-being and ensures students have the nutrition they need throughout the day to learn. Research shows that eating school-provided breakfast and lunch reduces food insecurity, obesity, and poor health.

Our breakfasts and lunches are prepared from chef-developed recipes and include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. All meals meet or exceed USDA guidelines and help children grow into healthy adults.

To provide our students with the high-quality food they need to be successful in school, we are pleased to partner with one of the nation's leading school food service companies, Chartwells, LLC. Chartwells is focused on providing nutritious meals and information about healthy eating. You can learn more at

Applying for Free or Reduced-Price Lunch

Many families in Groveport Madison Schools qualify for their child(ren) to receive free or reduced-price meals (breakfast and lunch) through the National School Lunch Program, which is sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture. Qualified students can receive free or reduced-price lunch daily, and applications may be made at any time of the year, as circumstances dictate. 

Effective Oct. 3, 2023 - The Ohio Department of Education has announced the State of Ohio biennial budget includes funding to cover the cost of providing no-cost lunch to students qualifying for reduced-price meals. Starting in school year 2023-2024, public schools that participate in the National School Breakfast or Lunch Program are required to provide breakfast or lunch at no cost to each student eligible for a reduced-price breakfast or lunch. If you believe you qualify for free or reduced-price meals, please fill out the form below!

Complete an online application through your PaySchools Account The information provided is confidential and only used to determine eligibility for the Federal Lunch Program. Online applications are processed very quickly, with eligibility generally determined in less than 48 hours. Paper applications are also available at our schools, but it may take six days or more to process paper applications. Guidelines for eligibility in the program are determined annually. You can learn more about the eligibility guidelines, here.

How to Apply for Free or Reduced-Price Meals

Student Meal Accounts

Regardless of the payment method, all Groveport Madison students are assigned a lunch account utilizing a six-digit passcode (the student’s I.D. number). This number can be found on the student’s enrollment information and as part of the student’s assigned email address. Any questions regarding student meal accounts should be directed to Dan Magee, at 614-836-4969.
Meal Purchases
Breakfast is provided free to any student through our universal free breakfast program.

Students may pay for lunch with cash when going through the lunch line, or meals can be paid for in advance by check (payable to Groveport Madison Schools). The District also contracts with “PaySchools,” which allows parents to put money on their child's account via credit card or an electronic funds transfer.
Meal Charges
We understand there are occasions when students may run short of lunch money or leave their packed lunch on the kitchen table before jumping on the school bus. In these unexpected situations, students may “charge” their lunch (as outlined below). Charges are considered a debt and must be repaid by the student or the parent/guardian. Please note the following allowances for meal charges: 
  • Regular Lunch Service (all grades) – No more than five (5) days of outstanding charges are permitted.
  • Reduced-Price Lunch Service (all grades) – No more than five (5) days of outstanding charges are permitted.
  • Ala Carte Items – No charges are permitted.

Notifying Parents/Guardians of Meal Charges
When a meal is charged, the food services staff will issue the student a “Meal Charge Notification," which the student is expected to take home to their parent/guardian. If a student accumulates the maximum number of meal charges, the food services department will contact the student’s parent/guardian to plan for repayment, and the student will be provided an alternate meal.

Alternate Meals
In instances where the student has accumulated the maximum allowable meal charges, the student will be provided with an alternate meal consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit, and white milk until payment is received or the debt has been reduced to $15 or less. The alternate meal will meet all U.S.D.A. National School Lunch Program nutritional guidelines. Documented special dietary restrictions will be considered when issuing any alternate meals.

Accumulated Lunch Debt
The parent/guardian must pay any accrued debt (charges) associated with the student by the end of the school year. Any unpaid meal debts will be carried over to the following year, per U.S.D.A. guidelines, and will be considered to be turned over for collections.

Menus and Nutrition Information via Nutrislice!

NutriSlice School Breakfast & Lunch Menus
Groveport Madison Schools' and Chartwells Food Service Department is now offering parents and students an easy way to find daily school menus with links to food item descriptions, photos, nutritional information, serving sizes, and even carbohydrate counts on the food offered at school. Click here to access the Nutrislice website.
In addition, you can download the free Nutrislice app for fast and easy access to the same information. 
Get the app on iTunes here.
Get the app on GooglePlay here.

Questions About our Food Services Program?

Dan Magee
Food Service Director

[email protected]

Who to Contact

Dan Magee, Food Services Director

Summer EBT Program


Lunch Prices

Breakfast (all grades) - FREE
Elementary School - $2.65
Middle School  - $2.90
High School - $3.00
Adult Meal - $3.60
Reduced price (all grades) - .40 

Payment Options

Check (Payable to Groveport Madison Schools)
PaySchools App (Online payment system)
Looking to give quick feedback on school lunches? Text 937-828-3923.
View text-based website