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Parent & Community Engagement

Parents and Teacher
Groveport Madison Schools recognizes and appreciates that families are critical stakeholders in supporting and advancing their children’s learning and development. Parents are a child’s first teacher and upon enrollment a partnership is formed that shares the responsibility of the child’s education and development. Parents are encouraged to be actively engaged in the success of our schools. Our focus is to ensure that there are meaningful opportunities to connect with our parents, families,  and the community to share resources and strengthen these essential partnerships.  

Research shows that when families and schools work together, students achieve at significantly higher levels. Authentic, research-based family engagement programs build the skills, knowledge and strengths of all involved, most importantly the student is better supported in their academic journey.

Families, schools and communities share the responsibilities of student growth and achievement. Groveport Madison Schools embraces the National Network of Partnership School (NNPS), a research-based partnership framework. Our district works to provide successful school, family, and community partnerships that work in concert for student success and school improvement. NNPS provides a pathway that families and schools can use to work collaboratively with the school community.

Six Types of Involvement

Parenting - Helping schools understand families and helping families understand child and adolescent development and how to set a home environments that support children as students at each grade level.

Communicating - Communicate with families about school programs and student progress and engage in the ongoing work of strengthening home-to-school and school-to-home (two-way) communications.

Volunteering - Improve recruitment, training, and scheduling to involve families as volunteers, audience members in and out of school building to support students and school programs.

Learning at Home - Share resources and information that involve families in their children’s learning at home, including homework, curriculum-related activities, and course and programmatic decisions.

Decision Making - Include families as participants in school decisions, governance and advocacy through committees, actions teams, PTA, school councils and other parent organizations.

Collaborating with the Community - Coordinate community resources and services for students, families and the school with businesses, agencies and groups to provide services to the community.

For more information on the Epstein Framework’s 6 Types, including practices, overcoming challenges and expected results for both students and schools visit John Hopkins University’s National Network of Partnership School.

School Engagement Teams

Each of our schools has a school engagement team. Please call to see how you can be more involved in our schools:
Lil' Cruiser Campus Pre-K - 614-237-8756
Asbury ES - 614-833-2000
Dunloe ES - 614-833-2008
Glendening ES - 614-836-4972
Groveport ES - 614-836-4975
Madison ES - 614-833-2011
Sedalia ES - 614-833-2014
Middle School Central - 614-836-4957
Middle School North - 614-837-5508
Middle School South - 614-836-4953
Groveport Madison H.S. - 614-836-4964
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