Cruiser Athletics

Cruiser Athletics

Athletics Restart Plan

Goal: Groveport Madison Schools will provide a safe environment for our athletes and coaches that relies upon temperature checks, social distancing, and disinfection of equipment to maximize the number of participants using District property.
Ohio is under a “no-touch” rule. This includes:
  • No high-fives.
  • No touching during huddles.
  • Water fountains may not be used (bring pre-filled water bottles from home). Students may use the “no-touch” water-bottle fillers on school property. The bottle-filler dispenser must be disinfected after each use.
  • Team meetings shall be done following six-foot social distancing requirements.
  • Spectators must follow social distancing guidelines at all outdoor facilities.

Phase 1 - Skills Training and Open Gyms/Open Fields:

Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Cross Country
Boys Basketball
Boys Baseball
Girls Softball
Track Team
Tennis Team  
Weight Room / Stadium
Weight Room / Stadium
Weight Room / Stadium
Weight Room / Three Creeks
Baseball Field
Softball Field
Weight Room / Stadium
Outside field or cafeteria
Tennis Courts

All scheduling of training will be run through the AD office and must be cleared before proceeding to schedule any activities. GMHS conditioning/practice areas to be scheduled through the AD’s office:

  • Stadium
  • Main gym
  • Aux gym
  • Weight room
  • Softball field
  • Baseball field
  • Football field (goal line to 50-yard line)
  • Football field (goal line to 50-yard line)

Social Distancing and Safety Procedures for Skills Training
All activities in school facilities and on school premises must be performed in accordance with the Ohio Department of Health orders, OHSAA guidance, and the procedures described below. These procedures are intended to adhere to ODH and OHSAA requirements and may be updated as necessary.

Failure to follow any requirement below will result in loss of facility use and activity participation. Additionally, activities conducted by District athletic teams are strictly optional, and team or program selection will not be based on a student’s participation or non-participation during summer activities.

Facial Coverings:

  • All participants, including coaches, must wear facial coverings unless they are actively engaged in aerobic activity.
  • A variety of facial masks that cover the nose, mouth, and chin are acceptable. Coverings may be cloth and/or homemade. 

Pre-Activity Screening:

  • All coaches and students should be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 before a workout, including temperature check.
  • Responses to screening questions should be recorded and stored for contact tracing purposes if a COVID-19 infection occurs. 
  • Any person with positive responses to the screening will not be allowed to take part in workouts and should contact their medical provider. 
  • Vulnerable individuals (as defined above) should not oversee or participate in any workouts.

Limitations on Gathering:

  • Gatherings should not consist of more than 10 people at a time (inside or outside), to include all participants and coaches.
  • Locker rooms should not be used during Phase One. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout session. 
  • Workouts should be conducted in “pods” of students with the same 5-10 people (including coaches) always working out together. Smaller pods should be used for weight training. 
  • There should be a minimum distance of six feet between each individual at all times. If this is not possible, the number of individuals in the room should be decreased until proper social distancing can occur. 

Facilities Preparation:

  • Adequate cleaning schedules should be created and implemented for all athletic facilities.
  • Before an individual or group entering a facility, all hard surfaces within that facility should be wiped down and sanitized. Hard surface examples include but are not limited to chairs, furniture, locker rooms, weight room equipment, bathrooms, and training tables.
  • Individuals should wash their hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before touching any surfaces or participating in workouts.
  • Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to individuals.
  • Weight equipment should be wiped down thoroughly before and after each individual uses the equipment.
  • Shirts and shoes should be worn at all times.
  • Any equipment such as weight benches and athletic pads with exposed holes (including exposed holes in foam padding) should be covered.
  • Students should be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning home.\

Physical Activity and Athletic Equipment:

  • There should be no shared athletic equipment (towels, clothing, shoes, or sport-specific equipment) between students.
  • Students should wear only their own workout clothing, and clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout.
  • All athletic equipment, including balls, should be cleaned after each use and before the next workout.
  • Individual drills requiring the use of athletic equipment are permissible, but the equipment should be cleaned between the use of each individual.
  • There should be a focus on resistance training with bodyweight, sub-maximal lifts, and resistance bands.
  • Free weight exercises that require a spotter should not occur, as they cannot be conducted while observing social distancing.


  • All students should bring their own pre-filled water bottles (water bottles should never be shared).
    Hydration stations (water fountains, water troughs, etc.) should not be used.
  • For shared equipment, participants must wipe down/sanitize equipment between use. 


  • Non-participants are not permitted to enter the indoor facilities.
  • Non-participants must wait in the parking lot for their child.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases:

  • Immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who develops symptoms.
  • Contact the local health office about cases for possible contact tracing.
  • Shutdown area for deep cleaning.
  • Test all suspected infections or exposures.

Competitive Events:
Non-contact activities, including our golf and tennis teams, are the only teams permitted to participate in competitive events at this time.

Effective August 5, 2020 

Permissible Athletic Activities Under "ODH Phase I Guidelines"

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