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MyView Bus Tracking App

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Groveport Madison Schools has teamed up with Zonar (through the MyView App) to help you know where your child's bus is throughout the day.

MyView is an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to check on your student's school bus whenever you want. MyView provides full visibility into bus locations, changes, and estimated arrival times so only those who need to know can stay in the loop.
  • The MyView back-end portal serves as a district dashboard to communicate bus changes, delays, or breakdowns.
  • Parents use the MyView mobile app to see where their child’s bus is located, create zones, and customize alerts.

Set up the MyView App

Follow these four steps:

  1. Download the Zonar MyView app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Enter the Groveport Madison Schools Access Code (COM1092).
  3. Enter your child’s unique six-digit student ID#.
  4. Create alert zones around drop-off and pick-up points.
When your child’s bus enters an alert zone, you will receive a notification by email or text. Trust that your information is secure.

Security is priority-one, especially where student information is concerned. All parent/student information is locked down and password protected within the app to prevent unauthorized people from opening the app and viewing your child’s bus information. 

How to Track Your Child's Bus

When setting up “What buses do you want to follow?” the bus route is the same as the bus number that's identified on the side of the bus. To search for the bus route/bus number which your student is assigned, please reference the following three-letter abbreviations. Multiple buses can be tracked for children attending different schools within the school district.
LIL – Lil' Cruiser Campus
ASB – Asbury Elementary
DUN – Dunloe Elementary
GLN – Glendening Elementary
GRV – Groveport Elementary
MAD – Madison Elementary
SED – Sedalia Elementary
MSC – Middle School Central
MSN – Middle School North
MSS – Middle School South
GMH – Groveport Madison H.S. 

Download the App

Parent User Guide

Key Features

View a real-time, map-based bus locator.
Guarantee parent and student information privacy.
Create custom zones for each stop and facility.
Send email alerts and SMS messages.
Available on smartphones and tablets.

Frequent Questions

Why Can't I Find my Child's Bus Route in the App?
New Students – it takes up to a week for new students to be uploaded and become active in the system.
Charter/Non-Public Students – If your student attends a charter or non-public school, they will not appear in the Zonar MyView App. Due to safety reasons, only students with a Groveport Madison student ID# can be tracked in the app.

What Oher Bus Routes are not Being Tracked?
All shuttles (buses that shuttle students between schools), field trips, athletics event buses, and after-school program buses will not appear on the Zonar MyView App.

Issues with the App

Please note that any issues with the app should be directed to Zonar. This can be done by pressing “Contact Support.”

Contacting Transportation

Call:  614-836-4788
View text-based website