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Athletics Department

We are very proud of the middle and high school student athletic programs in Groveport Madison Schools. These programs encourage student involvement, health and fitness, as well as promote school and community pride.

Our goals for our athletics program include: 
  1. Athletics will have a positive impact on the school environment in all areas.
  2. We will develop cohesive programs from the middle school level through the varsity level.
  3. We will increase community involvement.
  4. Cruiser athletes will be the best conditioned in our league.

Student Participation at Athletic Events

A Message for Parents of Elementary and Middle School Students

To ensure all guests to our high school athletic events can have a safe and enjoyable experience, the following rules are in place for middle school and elementary school students who wish to attend high school athletic events:
  1. A parent/guardian must accompany all elementary and middle school students when entering a high school athletic venue. The parent/guardian is not permitted to accompany students other than those in which they are legally responsible.
  2. Once in the stadium, elementary and middle school students must remain in the bleachers with their parent/guardian.
  3. Elementary and middle school students must be accompanied by their parent/guardian when going to the concession stand or the restrooms. 
  4. Anyone leaving an event cannot re-enter the athletic venue during the same game/event.
  5. Students misbehaving at Groveport Madison athletic events will be suspended from attending all future games.
  6. No refunds will be issued to anyone who has been asked to leave or has been removed from an event.
 Thank you for supporting our Cruiser athletes, band members, cheerleaders, and our school community. Have a great year, and Go Cruisers!

Rules for Safe Events

  1. Stadium gates will close at the end of the 2nd quarter.  No refunds.
  2. No backpacks or bags are allowed.
  3. No re-entry once you leave the stadium.
  4. Middle and elementary school students must be accompanied by an adult.  No refund.
  5. No loitering around the concession or in the parking lots. You will be dismissed from the stadium.

Athletics Department Staff

Tommy Snyder Sharon Minton
Athletic Supervisor Administrative Assistant
Please feel free to call us at (614) 836-4968.

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