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Welcome to the GMHS School Counseling Office

ACT / SAT Test Schedules
High school juniors and seniors planning to attend college after graduation will need to take the ACT and/or the SAT as part of their college application process. Students are strongly encouraged to begin taking these tests by the spring of their junior year. This allows students enough time to take tests multiple times if they need or want to improve their scores.

You can find test dates for this school year here. You can find more testing information about the SAT at and more information about the ACT at Please note, the College Board assesses additional fees for late registrations.

School Counselor Confidentiality Statement

School counselors respect the right to the confidentiality of students, teachers, parents, and staff. Disclosures of abuse and/or imminent danger to self or others are reported to the appropriate agency in accordance with the law. Situations jeopardizing student safety, including incidents of abuse, imminent danger to self or others, bullying, and sexual harassment, are reported to the building administration in accordance with school policy.

Freshmen Summer Reading Assignment

Because we want your high school experience to be successful, we would like for you to explore literary themes through memoirs in this independent reading assignment.

How does it work?

1.  Pick one of the following books (in order from least to most difficult):

2.  Read the book during your summer break.

3.  Complete the mini-assignment below:
You will be writing three (3) responses about your book; one on the beginning, one on the middle, and one on the end. Each written response should be approximately 300 words (1 typed page or front and back of notebook paper).

Each written response must include one direct quote from the book and can include any of the following:
1.  a reflection (your thoughts about what happened),
2.  a description of the key characters, or
3.  any other type of literary analysis

Each response needs to demonstrate how the series of ideas or events in the book connect to one another to develop the characters, setting, or plot. Discuss at least three key events or ideas in your chapters/sections.

We simply want to see that you have read the book and that you have thought about what you read. If you can type your written responses, GREAT! If not, write them in your best handwriting and keep them in a safe place until the first day of school. Please do NOT copy and paste text from the internet. Your 9th-grade teachers are smart. We will know. (And you will not get credit.)

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