Fast Fact Friday: Q&A Week #1

Thank you to all this who have submitted questions for our Fast Fact Friday! 

Due to an overwhelming amount of questions submitted, we will be answering multiple questions throughout the coming weeks so we can cover as many as possible. These questions are answered in the order they were submitted.

In addition, building specific questions that can be addressed by the building administration have been forwarded to that building and will be answered promptly. If your question has not been answered this week, don't worry as it may be included in the following weeks! 

QUESTION #1: According to School Board Documents/Policy, what is the procedure to fill the Superintendent position if the current one resigns? 

ANSWER #1: There is no policy regarding the resignation of the Superintendent. If the current Superintendent were to resign, the Board of Education would need to put out a request for a new Superintendent. There are outside sources that help with the search of Superintendents such as the Ohio School Boards Association and the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators

QUESTION #2: Why are middle school sports always at another school? Why don't they have sports at each school?

ANSWER #2: There was a time when the District had athletic teams at all middle school buildings. Unfortunately, due to a decrease in participation we have had to combine the middle school athletic programs to have enough students on each team. The athletic teams use facilities at all buildings, but they mainly use the Middle School Central [MSC] gymnasium due to size, and the MSC building also has the football field the team uses. 

QUESTION #3: Are you really doing away with AP classes at the high school? 

ANSWER #3: No, AP classes are not being eliminated. The directors from the Office of Teaching and Learning are working with GMHS Administration and Counselors to review the program of Studies. The first round of revisions were presented at the Board of Education Meeting on January 10, 2024. There has not been approval by the BOE and there are still revisions to be made. 

The changes to the Program of Studies are based on data and student performance success. In the past five years, only 333 out of 850 Advanced Placement (AP) tests taken by our students have a passing score of 3 or higher. That means only 39 percent of all tests taken by our students have a passing score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP test (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest score). In the same timeframe, our students have taken 1,322 CCP courses and passed 1,231 of those courses - a passage rate of 93.9 percent. 

Per the Program of Studies, AP classes must have at least 20 students registered when the student request window is closed. Courses with less than 20 student requests will be reviewed for approval by the Superintendent. If a course drops below 20 students within the first two weeks of the semester in which the course is offered, the Superintendent will review whether or not the course will continue or be eliminated. 

For questions regarding College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement courses, please view this FAQ
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