Evolv Weapons Detectors Installed at GMHS

Groveport Madison Schools takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously. To enhance our existing security efforts at GMHS, beginning on August 16, we will launch the Evolv Detection System to screen students and visitors for potential weapons.

The Evolv weapons detection screening systems are being deployed at the following locations within GMHS:
    Main Doors/Front Entrance
    Academic Wing Entrances
    Attendance Office

We also will have an Evolv screening detector at the main entrance to the Cruiser Accel building.

As buses unload, students will be directed to the appropriate entrance into the academic wings. They will be directed to leave approximately three feet of space between them and the classmate in front of them as they near the Evolv screening detector. They also will need to remove their Chromebook from their backpack and prepare to hand it to a staff member when they get to the detector. We already know that most Chromebooks will set off the detectors, so the computers will be passed around the screening device and returned to them once they’ve successfully gone through the detector.

Students will wear their backpacks and carry any other items (instrument cases, purses, gym bags, etc.) through the detector for screening. They will simply walk through the screening system and follow the instructions of staff members stationed there to assist them.

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