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Evolv Screening Detection

Evolv Screening System

Weapons Screening at GMHS

Groveport Madison Schools takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously. To enhance our security efforts at GMHS, beginning on August 16, we will launch a new high-tech scanner and detection system to screen students and visitors for weapons.

Weapons are not permitted on Groveport Madison Local Schools’ property. All students and visitors entering District property may be required to submit to a weapon detector screening to ensure no weapons are brought onto the premises. Bags, purses, backpacks, etc., may also be screened using metal/weapon-detecting wands and/or by hand. Refusal to cooperate with the screening procedure will result in the denial of entry (and/or disciplinary action for the student).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q    Why is the District conducting daily weapons detection screenings at Groveport Madison High School?
A    The purpose of these screenings is threefold:
    1. Detect and prevent potential weapons from being brought into the school
    2. Deter the act of bringing weapons and illegal items into the school
    3. Reduce the potential for violent incidents

Q    What system/company did you choose and why?
A    The Board of Education selected the Evolv Express weapons detection system because it was the fastest and most effective at scanning individuals and the least invasive system. Unlike traditional metal detectors, Evolv Express uses advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to screen guests while they walk through at a natural pace. It’s also portable and can be easily moved to the stadium or other venues to screen those entering events.

Q    Who will conduct the screenings?
A    Screenings will be conducted by GMHS staff. All staff members operating the equipment or conducting searches will be thoroughly trained.

Q    Who will be subject to the initial screening process?
A    All students and visitors will be subject to the screening process. Staff are not subject to screening.

Q    Will students with disabilities also be screened through the detector?
A    Yes, all students will be screened unless it’s determined that the student poses no threat to the school or in situations where the student is unable to participate in the screening due to their disability.

Q    How will you screen students carrying band instruments or other items?
A    Students will walk through the detector with their instrument as usual. The system is designed to recognize and alert weapons that may be contained within an instrument case or other bag.

Q    What will students need to do when they enter the school?
A    When students enter the school at the designated entry points, they will immediately see the Evolv weapons detection system. The students will hand their Chromebook to a staff member and walk through the detector at a normal pace. A green light will remain on if there are no threats detected. The staff member will hand the student’s Chromebook back to them, and the student will proceed to class.

Q    How does the weapons detection system work?
A    When the system identifies a potential threat, the unit’s tower sensor will alert with a red light and sound. It will display an image of the individual and the location of the potential threat on an Evolv mobile tablet.

Q    What happens if a student or visitor activates the detector?
A    A staff member will escort the student to a private secondary screening location where we will conduct a search of the student and their belongings. School security personnel and/or School Resource Officers will be on standby to assist as needed.

Q    How will students or their belongings be searched for potential weapons during the secondary screening process?
A    Depending on the location of the alert, the student will be directed to open their backpack and hand it to the staff member, or they will be directed to turn their pockets inside out.

Q    Will you be using a wand-style detector for secondary screenings?
A    We are not planning to use wand-style detectors at this time.

Q    Will you search backpacks, bags, purses, etc?
A    Yes, primarily if the Evolv detection system flags the item of concern.

Q    Does the school district have the right to search a student or their belongings?
A    Yes. Board of Education Policy 5771 and Ohio law allow school authorities to search a student and/or the student’s personal effects in the student’s possession (such as purses, wallets, clothing, knapsacks, book bags, lunch boxes, etc.) when there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the search will produce evidence the particular student has violated or is violating either the District’s Student Code of Conduct or state law.

Q    What happens if a student refuses to be screened?
A    Students who refuse to walk through the scanner lane for screening or a search if contraband is observed, consistent with these guidelines, may be subject to disciplinary action for defying the valid authority of district staff. Any guests or others refusing to be screened or searched will be escorted off school district property.

Q    What are you doing for students who don’t understand the screening process and may have anxiety about the process?
A    If students are alarmed or triggered by this process, the principal or their designee has the discretion to remove the student from the search and provide conversation and support.

Q    Do you expect students to be delayed getting to class because of the use of the weapons detectors?
A    In general, no. The first couple of weeks will be a learning time and may impact getting to class while staff and students become familiar with the system.

Q    Does the Evolv System Use Facial Recognition?
A    No. The combination of sensors and artificial intelligence focuses on distinguishing a weapon from personal items. If the system detects a potential threat, it alarms, and that threat is examined. If the system does not detect a potential threat, it will not alarm, and the individual will walk right through. The system evaluates the items passing through, not the people.

Q    Is the system safe?
A    Yes. The Evolv Express uses extremely low-frequency radio waves (ELF) and a non-ionizing sensing modality. This complies with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2019 guidance for safe operation with the general public. The guidance applies to regular/occupational as well as infrequent exposure. There are minor considerations for people with implanted medical devices and those who may be pregnant.

Q    How will you handle students entering the building for athletic practices, conditioning, etc.?
A    This is yet to be determined.

Q    Will the screenings occur at public events held in the high school (concerts, plays, etc.)?
A    We expect screenings will take place at certain events, but we have not yet established the protocols to complete such screenings. More information is forthcoming.

Evolv System at use in GMHS


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