Role of the Board of Education

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Role of the Board of Education

  • Keep students as the focus
  • Adopt a shared vision based on community beliefs to guide local education
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the shared vision by using them to guide decisions


  • Employ a superintendent and a management structure that enables students and staff to
    successfully accomplish their goals and fulfill their responsibilities
  • Establish processes and systems to accomplish the goals of the school district
  • Develop long-term plans and revisit them annually
  • Review and adopt policies and allocate resources to support teaching and learning
  • Set high instructional standards
  • Encourage an innovative learning environment


  • Monitor progress through quality assessments and reports
  • Evaluate the superintendent and treasurer performance
  • Evaluate progress toward long-term goals
  • Report district progress to the community


  • Seek resources to expand opportunities
  • Advocate for families and children through strong partnerships
  • Lead celebrations of student achievement
  • Promote school board service as a meaningful way to contribute to society
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