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Welcome to the School Counseling Office

School Counseling Confidentiality Statement

School counselors respect the right to confidentiality of students, teachers, parents and staff. Disclosures of abuse and/or imminent danger to self or others are reported to the appropriate agency in accordance with the law. Situations jeopardizing student safety, including incidents of abuse, imminent danger to self or others, bullying and sexual harassment are reported to the building administration in accordance with school policy.
FREE Parenting Workshops  
Nationwide Children's Hospital, along with Ohio Children's Trust Fund and Child Devleopment Council of Franklin County, is offering free parenting workshops in February. Click here to see the flyer for more information. 
  1. Groveport Madison Schools collaboration with North Community Counseling Services - through school counselor (outside school therapist - free)
  2. Franklin County Psychiatric Crisis Line (behavior health crisis ages 17 and younger) 614-722-1800
  3. Groveport Madison Human Needs (helping families when in financial emergency and adopt-a-family) 614-586-4017
  4. Greater Groveport Food Pantry 614-836-7652
  5. Franklin County Children Services (helping with difficulties financially, emotionally, and general help with children) 614-229-7000
  6. Charity Newsies (clothing support) 614-263-4300
  7. Choices (domestic violence assistance) 614-224-4663
  8. St. Stephens (family support services) 614-294-6347
  9. Ohio Guidestone (family support/non-profit) 888-522-9174
  10. Furniture Bank of Central Ohio (needing furniture assistance) 614-545-3838
  11. Central Community House (childcare assistance/family services) 614-252-3157
  12. **CAP4Kids (helps with supports in area) no #, Email CAP4Kids
    Please feel free to contact Mrs. Lloyd, school counselor, with any other needs you may have. She wants to assist you in a comfortable and supportive way while ensuring confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.

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Kerri Lloyd
School Counselor
(614) 836-4975

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