Free or Reduced-Price Meals

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Free or Reduced-Price Meals

All Families Should Complete an Application

The US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Education administers the national school lunch (meal) program.

As of May 31, 2022, these agencies will no longer allow school districts to provide universal free lunch to students without families completing an application and qualifying.

Groveport Madison Schools will continue to provide free breakfast for all students, but students’ families will need to complete an online application to be considered for free or reduced-price lunch next school year. The online applications will be available below in early July.

Free Breakfast Available for all Students

Children's brains and bodies need a healthy breakfast to fuel them for the start of their day. Groveport Madison Schools provides free breakfast to all students, regardless of their family's economic status. 

In most instances, students pick up their free breakfast as they enter the school and take the food to their classroom and eat it before school starts or while morning announcements are taking place.

Reduced-Price Lunch Costs

Students who qualify for reduced-price lunch pay $.40 per meal.

Apply Online for Free or Reduced-Price Meals

Parents/guardians can complete the electronic application for their child to be considered for Free or Reduced-Price Meals right from your computer or mobile device. Simply click on the button below to complete and submit your application.

Questions About the Application Process?

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Dan Magee by calling 614-836-4969 or by emailing [email protected]
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