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GMHS & Cruiser Academy Combine Strengths
GMHS & Cruiser AcademyTo better meet the needs of all high school students, we have combined the strengths of both Groveport Madison High School and Cruiser Academy, merging them together. Both locations operate as one school, but each provide specific programming and educational delivery models that better address all students’ needs and ensures that all high school students meet Ohio’s requirements for graduation. Goveport Madison High School is referred to as “Main Campus," and Cruiser Academy is now called the "GMHS Cruiser Campus.”

The GMHS Main Campus continues to offer the same programming and traditional delivery format that it is has provided. At the Cruiser Campus, the District is adding certificated teachers (our staff members), use online and other instructional methods to meet the needs of students with wide-ranging academic needs. Also, we have added counseling and nursing services at the Cruiser Campus. These changes ensure that students with varied educational needs are being served in a more effective, hands-on approach.

The District will determine the placement of students at each campus based on each student’s academic, social-emotional, or other needs.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the GMHS counseling office at 614-836-4967.