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Garden Club

"Kids!!! Go play outside!"   That's what we were told... remember?  We used to run and play for hours! We would ride bikes, play hide and seek, football (tackle!), Wiffle Ball, basketball, we would make slingshots or home-made bows and arrows! We would go fishing, and look for critters, we would make tree forts! We did this every day... all the way up until the street lights came on. Then it was time to head home. Oh yeah... one other thing... Most of our parents had gardens! 

But then something happened. The year was 2007... and along came the first iPhone. It seems that since then, kids have spent less and less time running free outdoors!
So now what? How do we reconnect? Well, the 5th graders at Groveport Elementary had just the chance to get out last May with the first ever Groveport Elementary 5th Grade Garden Club!

Mr. Y (Yurasek), the 5th grade science teacher contacted the city of Groveport to inquire about the possibility of securing a plot of garden over at the Groveport Community Garden.... and the village loved the idea! We ran the idea by our principal April Bray, and she said yes! And so it began!

An invitation was sent, kids got approval and signed up! Soon, twenty-two 5th graders, along with Mr. Y, his 2 kids, and rookie 5th grade  teacher Miss Wolf, met after school on that first Tuesday in May. We brainstormed ideas, we made lists of plants we'd like to grow, and we walked over to check out the garden spot. (Along the way I can still hear Arizona telling her pals Amelia and Oli: "This is so much fun!")

We met twice a week after school. Research was done. Plots were measured. Plans were drawn out. Then it was time to cultivate the soil. (Special thanks to Coast of Maine for donating 10 pounds of organic soil! )  After that, it was time to plant! We started with some seeds, but when Jerry Dill of Dill's Greenhouse heard what we were doing, he wanted to help out as well! Jerry donated several flats of vegetable starters! So we planted those, too! (I remember Cheyenne, Jordan, Nya, and Danielle chatting about learning where our food actually comes from! "Wait... y'all mean carrots are roots? That grow down in the dirt?" - Maya)

Well, things started growing! But one thing happens at the end of every May... something that even teachers can't do a darn thing about... school comes to an end. But does that mean the garden stops growing? Heck no! Over the summer, it was great seeing the kids and their families out at the garden! We went through a dry period in late June... but luckily, Amber-Leigh Lynn, Morgan, Oli, Dylan and Mr. Y with his own kids tended the garden and made sure we didn't dry up.  The other nice thing about the Groveport Community Garden... making new friends! The other folks with garden plots loved seeing what we were doing and what the kids were learning. They were always eager to help water if we couldn't make it out for a few days. 

The harvest continued all the way through October with our pumpkins, and even the broccoli kept growing into November. But then, Old Man Winter showed his face, and alas, the 2022 garden came to an end. We had a deep freeze the week of Christmas, but after that, the winter wasn't too bad. (Many kids were disappointed by this... we only had 1 snow day this year!)    And look where we are now... it's that time! Time to clear the land, condition the soil, decide what to grow! The Groveport 5th grade Garden Club is about to start our 2nd year. But what about you? Will you play outside this summer? Or maybe even grow a garden?  Hey... Try it!!

Check out what some famous folks have to say about getting outside:  

“Young people, I want to beg of you always keep your eyes open to what Mother Nature has to teach you. By so doing, you will learn many valuable things every day of your life.” – George Washington Carver
“Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.” -Walt Whitman
“Children more than ever need opportunities to be in their bodies in the world – jumping rope, bicycling, stream hopping, and fort building. It’s this engagement between limbs of the body and bones of the earth where true balance and centeredness emerge.” -David Sobel
“Their minds were not built to sit and be taught. They were built to explore, play, and learn.” -Layla Gordon Lu
“Sad child? Nature.   Cranky child? Nature.    Bored child? Nature.    You’re welcome.” – Penny Whitehouse.
“Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls.” -Erin Kenny
“Time in nature is not a luxury. It is a necessity. And we must give our children time to explore, discover, and get to know the world, which brings endless delights and lessons that never cease.” -Ainsley Arment

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Posted Friday, April 28, 2023

GE's 100th Birthday and 100th Day of School Celebration

We had a great day last Friday celebrating our school turning 100 and the 100th day of school.

Since we were all about the number 100 we decided to recognize and celebrate the students who made 100% or more progress toward their annual stretch growth goal. Check out these proud students :)

We also asked Mr. Palsgrove (Southeast Messenger Editor) to include an article in the paper for us. I was interviewed by Mr. Palsgrove and I thought families and staff would enjoy reading the story online if you don't get the Messenger. Here is a link to the story. I've included some pictures below from our day. I would also like to give a special thank you to Vicki Ottman for coming to speak to our students about what school was like when she went here in the late 1950's.

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Posted Friday, February 3, 2023

GE turns 100!

It is always a fun tradition to celebrate the 100th day of school and learning. This year it is extra special because Groveport Elementary is turning 100 years old. We will be celebrating the 100th day of school and the 100th Anniversary of the building January 27th. Groveport Elementary was called Groveport School back when it opened in 1923 because it housed all 12 grades until the mid-1950s. Our school has so much rich history and architecture and we are excited to celebrate with our current students. Teachers will have fun activities around the number 100, we will discuss what was popular in 1923 and events that happened 100 years ago. We would love to have the students dress up like they are 100 years old or wear something with 100 things on it. Also, everyone will receive a silicone bracelet with 100th Anniversary Celebration on the outside and GE 1923-2023 on the inside.

If you are reading this newsletter and you know someone who is 100 years old or who attended Groveport School and would be willing to be interviewed or come talk to some kids, please let us know as soon as possible.

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Posted Friday, January 20, 2023

Be prepared for colder weather

 As the weather gets colder, please make sure your child dresses for the cold temperature (i.e. hats, gloves, coats, scarves).  Students will be going outside for recess unless the temperature falls below 25 degrees.  Please make sure all items are labeled with your childs name on the tag.  If they are missing any pieces feel free to check the lost and found. The lost and found is located in the front entry way. 

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Posted Tuesday, January 17, 2023

GE student awarded Artist of the Week on Artsonia

Kindergarten student, Danny Osorio-Castro, won the Artist of the Week on Artsonia! It is a nationwide contest and Danny won for his age group (kindergarten). Way to go - we are so proud of you! 

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Posted Sunday, January 1, 2023


Please call the school if your child is going to be absent or call us back after you get the attendance message.  It is much better to have an excused absence than a truancy absence entered.  Also, students who arrive after 9:15 a.m. will be marked tardy and will need to be signed in by an adult in the office.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

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Posted Monday, December 5, 2022

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