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Classroom Spotlight

Ms. Messerly Psychology Class

Psychology students enjoy a variety of activities.

Mr. Solinger's Carpentry Class

These are cutting boards students made as holiday gifts in Mr. Solinger's carpentry class.

Mr. Parfitt's AP US History Class

Day of the Dead

Students participated in Day of the Dead activities including making papel picado, a decorative paper banner.

Ms. Porterfield's Spanish Club

Spanish Club created a Thankful bulletin board. Every hand has students saying what they are grateful for in Spanish. 
Damos gracias means we give thanks.

Ms. King's Anatomy and Physiology

To "celebrate" Halloween, Ms. King's Anatomy and Physiology class created models of the different types of wounds and then studied how they heal.

Mrs. Gourley's Class

The Kindness Challenge 2019
As the first senior class to experience the new building, GMHS class of 2019 Senior Committee wanted to inspire all GMHS students to start the new school year with a positive mindset. They utilized the transition into the new building as an opportunity to affect the culture of the whole school in a positive way. Their mission was to  promote kindness throughout the school and inspire others to do the same. They kicked off the new year with The Kindness Challenge. This challenge will run throughout the 2018-2019 school year with a new theme every month. 
For the first kindness challenge, The Senior Hug Challenge, the 2019 Senior Committee members handed out Hugs to random senior classes. Each Hug had a  kindness challenge taped to the outside of the barrel. Along with the Hugs, students received a letter explaining how the challenge worked. As students completed their acts of kindness, they were asked to take a photo and post it on Twitter using  #CHOOSEKINDNESS2019. The receivier of the act of kindness was challenged to do the same thing for someone else so the kindness continued to spread throughout the school community. 
If you would like to see the positive impact The Kindness Challenge has on the students at GMHS throughout the school year, please follow GMHS seniors on Twitter at GMHS2019.

Megan Stauffer-Miller's Class

Artist in Residence, Julie Byrne, from the “Teach Arts Ohio” Grant awarded by the Ohio Arts Council shared her work with the Ceramics class.  She spoke about how she incorporates her personal narrative into her work. She draws on family history, world events, and her experiences as a mother to inform her work and inspire her sculptures.  Her pieces are in the permanent collections in museums around Ohio and she shows periodically in galleries in Central Ohio.  Julie will be with us throughout the course of the school year and will be working on a few outreach programs for staff and the wider Groveport community.


Mrs. Winters Choir

Anime Club

 Anime Club raised money to go to Ohayocon at the Greater Columbus Convention Center Jan. 26

The Debates

The debates are a part of the AP Government Presidential Campaign Project. The project has each period serve as a different political party and they must run their own campaign. They start out by nominating a presidential and vice presidential candidate from their class to serve as the candidates. Each student plays a different role in the campaign. The parties run their campaigns completely on their own and choose how they think they will try to convince voters to vote for them.

The debates are the most visible part of the campaign (just as in real life). Candidates spend time during their classes preparing for the debates. On debate day, each candidate gets the opportunity to answer the questions, and provide rebuttal to what the other candidate has said.

GMHS Introduction to IT Class Taking it to the Next Level

John Blackstone’s high school computer class is about more than building skills. His students are learning to construct computers. During the first semester, students not only learned how to take apart and reassemble computers, they also designed and built a gaming computer.

Understanding how a computer goes together will help the students troubleshoot their own machines during the school years and into their careers, Blackstone said. During a recent workday, his students created several working computers out of parts of broken computers. “As a group, we will be doing that on a consistent basis,” Blackstone said.

Once you understand how computers work “opening them up and putting them back together is kind of easy,” said freshman Comba Niang.

Blackstone has had his students help staff members with some computer issues. He would like to create a Help Desk for the high school staffed by students. “We want to set high expectations for what our students can do,” he said.

The students also built two gaming computers that will become the basis for a new gaming club at the high school. The students had to select, price, order and install all the parts of the computers. Deciding what parts to use was the most “challenging” part of the project, said sophomore Parker Robinson. “It was a lot of fun to do,” he said. “It was a great experience to work on a computer of this caliber.”
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