District-Provided Transportation
In accordance with Board of Education Policy and Ohio Law, Groveport Madison Schools provides bus service to students living one mile or more from their assigned school. Exceptions to these limits may be made in the case of a temporarily- or permanently-disabled child (and special transportation accommodations are required by the student’s IEP) and in the case of adverse safety conditions. The District assigns centrally-located, regional bus stops to provide the most convenient access to the greatest number of students on the bus route.
Access Bus Route Using Student I.D #
To access bus route information, the parent/guardian will need the student's I.D. # (issued by Groveport Madison Schools). You can locate the student I.D. # from the following sources
  1. Student's enrollment paperwork (the number is hand-written on the paperwork at the time of enrollment)
  2. The student's lunch I.D. number (used in every cafeteria purchase)
  3. The student's email address (the six numbers in the student's District-issued Go Cruisers email account)
  4. As a last resort, you can call and ask the school secretary 
Child ID:

If your search yields an "Invalid ID, Please try again." response, it means either that the student I.D. number is not correct or that the student is not eligible for transportation services. If you believe your address is eligible to receive transportation services, please check with your child's school to verify the information. In addition, a list of all bus routes is posted on the front door/window of your child's school.
Buses Will Likely be Late at the Start of the School Year
During the first few weeks of school, bus route pick-up and drop-off times will likely change due to late enrollments and verification of riders. Plan on buses running late! 
Alternate Pick-up/Drop-off Locations (Babysitting and Child Care Needs)
Parents needing a different pick-up or drop-off location for their child due to childcare or other reasons should contact the District’s Enrollment Center at 614-491-8288.

Requesting Changes to Bus Stop Locations
No bus stop change requests will be considered until after September 17, so that routes can be stabilized and it can determined if other route modifications are necessary.