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Bus Route Information

Transportation Services
In accordance with Board of Education Policy and Ohio Law, Groveport Madison Schools provides bus service to students living one mile or more from their assigned school. Exceptions to these limits may be made in the case of a temporarily- or permanently-disabled child (and special transportation accommodations are required by the student’s IEP) and in the case of adverse safety conditions. The District assigns centrally-located, regional bus stops to provide the most convenient access to the greatest number of students on the bus route.
Bus Route Information
Bus routes will be published on the District’s website beginning, Monday, Aug. 1. By the end of the first week of August, postcards will also be mailed to parents informing them of their child’s bus stop and the time in which the child is expected to be picked up and dropped off each day. *

To access bus route information, the parent/guardian will need the student's Student I.D. #, which is issued by Groveport Madison Schools and is available on the student's grade card. If you cannot locate the Student I.D. #, please contact your child's school.
Child ID:

PLEASE NOTE: During the first few weeks of school, bus routes are subject to change due to late enrollments and verification of riders, so buses may run late. No bus stop change requests will be considered until after Sept. 5, so that routes can be stabilized and it can determine if route modifications are necessary.

Students can only be picked up from or dropped off at their assigned bus stop location; parents wanting another pick-up or drop-off location should contact the school’s principal.

* The child must be enrolled in the District by July 15 in order to receive the bus route notification mailing.
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