2018 Graduation Plans Announced

To assist in answering questions regarding the graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2018, we have developed the following list of Frequently-Asked Questions. We hope this information helps to address any questions or concerns students and/or their families may have regarding this year’s graduation plans.

What is the date and time of graduation?
Because of all of the competing events held at the Celeste Center, we were at their mercy to set our graduation date. By having graduation at our own field, we can establish a set schedule as to when our graduation exercises will occur. We plan to return to the practice of having graduation on the Friday night following the last day of school. This year’s graduation will take place on Friday, May 25, beginning at 7 p.m.

What happens if it rains or weather is bad on the planned graduation date?
In the event of rain or other inclement weather conditions, the graduation rain date will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 26. If the weather conditions have not improved by that time, we will move graduation to 7 p.m. on Saturday evening.

How do you plan to handle parking and traffic?
We plan to use all of the available parking on the high school’s property as well as parking lots at the District Service Center (administrative offices) where 80 more spaces will be added this winter. We also will work with Eastland Fairfield and Sofa Express to secure off-site parking. While we encourage carpooling to minimize traffic issues, we are confident we will have sufficient parking to accommodate all students, staff, and guests.

Shuttle buses will be available to assist those who park in the Sofa Express parking lot (located, across the street from the high school).

The school district will contract with Groveport Madison Police to assist with traffic control.

Where will handicapped parking be located?
We are in the process of adding an 80-space parking lot immediately north of the stadium, which will be used to accommodate handicapped parking. Those who need handicapped parking will be issued parking permits.

Where will you stage the graduates before the ceremony begins?
We expect to have access to the new high school in early May. We will use the auxiliary gymnasium to organize and stage the graduates before they come out to the field.

How will the field be set up for the graduation ceremony?
Seating for graduates and staff will be set up on the field. We also plan to have a large stage erected on the north end of the field (see field mock-up). In addition, areas to the right and left of the stage will be set up for the band and choir.

Is it true you are planning to have a stage?
We want our graduation ceremonies to be very special events. We will construct a large stage on the north end the football field. Parents and other guests should easily be able to see their graduate walk across the stage to receive his/her diploma.

Where will families and other guests be seated?
We are planning to use both the home and away side of the stadium bleachers. By using both sides of the bleachers, we will provide comparable seating to what was available at the Celeste Center.

Will tickets be needed in order to get a seat?
At this time, we do not believe it will be necessary to issue tickets. Our goal is to provide sufficient seating for anyone who wants to attend the event.

Where will handicapped seating be located?
Seating for people with disabilities will be located on the home side of the field. The disabled individual may have one escort sit with them in the designated handicapped seating area. Tickets and a parking permit will be available for those needing handicapped seating.

Will there be reserved seating?
There are currently no plans to offer “Reserved Seating.”

What is being done to improve the stadium’s sound system?
With the field improvements that were completed over the summer, we also installed a new sound system in the stadium. We also will work with acoustic professionals to ensure we have good quality sound throughout the stadium for the graduation ceremony.

Is it true that girls will not be able to wear high heels on the field?
To protect the field and ensure no one trips while walking on the dense synthetic turf, painted plywood will cover large portions of the field. Girls can wear shoes of their choosing, but they may not wear high heels onto portions of the synthetic field that are not covered with plywood.

Are you going to use the new digital scoreboard?
Yes, we do plan to use the new scoreboard. The new digital scoreboard is 48 feet wide by 14 feet tall, and it should work very nicely as a large screen in which to stream a live broadcast of the graduation ceremony.

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