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Urgent and Important Information for Parents and Students of the Class of 2018
To Parents and students of the class of 2018:
For students in the class of 2018 ONLY, Ohio has established alternate options for those students who are at-risk of not earning the 18 required end-of-course exam points. These options are only for students in the class of 2018. Curriculum requirements and the minimum 20 credits are not affected or changed in any way by these options.

Attached is information about the options available to affected students at Groveport Madison High School. It is important that students and families who plan to take advantage of these options are aware of and have a clear plan for meeting the requirements of these options.

While the administrators and counselors of Groveport Madison High School will need to meet with each student and family who wishes to take advantage of these options, we also acknowledge that this is going to be a lengthy process and it will take time to meet with all families. Each family will be asked to complete a ‘Graduation Options Contract’. It is our goal to get through this as quickly as possible.

After looking at the requirements and options (download here), we ask that you complete the form attached and return it to the counseling office as soon as possible. It is also very important that the student is working toward the options being chosen even before meeting with the school official. These options apply to the entire school year and are not modified based on the date you meet with school officials.

You can find more details at education.ohio.gov. Click on the ‘Topics’ tab and select ‘graduation requirements’. Then select ‘Graduate in 2018’ located on the left.

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