Zero-Tax Increase Renewal Levy on November Ballot

With the District's 2014 operating set to expire on December 31, The Board of Education has placed a five-year, 6.68 mil renewal operating levy on the November ballot. The renewal operating levy would simply replace the 2014 levy that expires at the end of 2019. IT IS NOT A TAX INCREASE! Passage of the renewal levy allows the District to continue to collect the same millage rate that is currently in effect so that we can maintain current operations.

What is the term of the levy?
The renewal levy is for a limited term of five years. It would expire in December 2024. 

How much revenue will the renewal operating levy generate?
The 6.68 mil renewal levy would allow the District to continue to collect approximately $5.6 million in annual revenue for the five-year term.
What does an operating levy fund?
Operating levies provide the necessary funds to pay for the day-to-day operations of the school district. Examples of these expenses include salaries and benefits, classroom materials and supplies, utilities, fuel, equipment, facilities maintenance and grounds care, student technology, safety and security, etc.

Why is it needed?
Without passage of the operating levy, the District will lose $2.8 million in operating funds in 2020 and $5.6 million each year after that. The District would be unable to continue operations as it is today.

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