Parents Get Facts About Fight and Rumored Gun at High School Safety Meeting

Thanks to those who attended the Nov. 8 high school safety meeting. After a thorough review and investigation, the District presented attendees with the facts surrounding the Oct. 29 fight and the rumored gun that was captured on a video still.

Groveport and Madison Township Police Chiefs both spoke to the audience, confirming that there were only six students involved in the fight and that there was no weapon found - after an exhaustive search. Our high-resolution cameras were able to zoom in, showing the alleged gun was actually a pair of sunglasses a student was holding in his hand. While videos posted on social media made it appear there were numerous students involved in the fight, there were only a handful involved; most of the commotion was from students either cheering on the fight, trying to get pictures/video, or students who were trying to help break up the fight.

We invited the media to the meeting so that they could see and hear the facts for themselves. Check out this report from Channel 4 Reporter, Tylar Bacome.…/groveport-madison-school…/1583122470
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