Fourth Graders Attend The Nutcracker

The Fourth Grade Trip To The Nutcracker
As Told By Brea B. to Mrs. Anderson

We got off the bus and walked into the beautiful Ohio Theatre.  We got to the stage and a lady introduced the main characters.  Then, the big curtain went up and the show started!

All the characters were in the house for a big party.  The uncle showed up.  He was wearing a cape and mask, and he was a magician.  He gave Clara a doll.  It was a Nutcracker.
Then a boy got jealous and tried to take it for himself. They were tugging it and the doll ripped! The uncle patted Clara on the head to reassure her and he fixed the doll. The boy got into trouble. They continued the party with singing and dancing. The grandma was doing the worm and having fun. That was the funniest part.
After that, everybody went to bed. The maid put the Nutcracker on the fireplace. Young Clara snuck down and got the Nutcracker. She was just too tired so she fell asleep on the couch holding the Nutcracker.
Then the Mouse King came! One of the mouse people was doing the floss! They tried to grab Clara to keep her. Clara screamed! The Nutcracker and his Army fought the Mouse King and his Army! The Nutcracker had a sword and The Mouse King had a sword. They were sword fighting, and then the Nutcracker won. The Nutcracker was so delighted that Clara set him free. He took her to his home, the Sugar Plum Castle and Clara grew up. Clara met the queen. There were Sugar Plum Fairies. It was beautiful. One of the fairies gave the Nutcracker and Clara crowns.
After all that, the little girl woke up and was a kid again. The maid came in and put the Nutcracker back up on the fireplace. Clara looked up at it and the Nutcracker moved!! Clara took a bow.

I thought it was a dream, but when the Nutcracker moved, I had another opinion.
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