Third Grade Students are Super Busy

   In math, we just finished our unit on solving multiplication and division word problems. This week we began our new unit, which focuses on place value and problem solving with units of measurement, including liquid, weight, and time.
   In science, we’ve had a great time learning about the Scientific Method. We have learned about scientific vocabulary words like hypothesis, inference, observation, experiment, and many others. One thing in particular that the students really enjoyed learning about was how to observe with our 5 senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.
   In social studies, we’ve been learning about landforms and water features. Some of these features include plateaus, deltas, mountains, valleys, and more. We have also revisited “That Book Woman”, a book about a family that can not easily access books due to their geographical location. Students have done a great job of viewing life from a different perspective and continue to discuss how people around the world live different lives based on their location, language and culture!
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