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  Friendly Reminders

Student Drop Off - Students should not be dropped off before 8:45 AM.  We don't have supervision before this time and students will be outside in the cold temperatures. Also, the oval in the front is for the buses. All drop offs must be in front of the school by the fence or on the side of the school.

Car Rider Pick-up - Please continue to use Middle School Central's parking lot.  Students will be walked out to the end of the drive at 3:35.  The weather is going to be very cold the next couple months, but please continue to get out of your car and meet your child.  Also, please follow the pick-up procedures, follow the flow of traffic around the parking lot and do not cut in line.  This is so we can keep all the students safe.

Visitor Badges - When you visit the building, you must show proper ID to enter the building.  Staff and students CANNOT open the door for you. You must be buzzed in by someone in the office after you show your ID.  Once you are buzzed in, go directly to office and sign in and get a visitor badge. Again, this is to ensure the safety of all the students.

Recess - It looks like we will have indoor recess for the next several weeks, but just in case the temperature is 25 degrees or above, please make sure your child wears a coat, hat and gloves. We have activities and games for indoor recess, so we ask that your child not bring in toys from home unless the teacher has given specific permission.  We can't be responsible for lost or stolen property.

Birthday Treats - If you decide to send in a treat for your child's classroom, please contact the teacher to make arrangements beforehand.  We are continuously getting new students and we have had parents send in treats but not enough for the whole class or bring in the treats after the scheduled time the teacher plans for treats.   

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation!  
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