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03-31-17 Construction Update
Only a year ago we were just about to begin construction of the new Groveport Madison High School. Now, more than 220,000 concrete blocks have been laid, 370 tons of steel have been installed and the first floor structural work is nearing completion. The gymnasium and athletic wing are already under roof and plumbers, HVAC installers and electricians are busy running pipe, ductwork and wiring in the northernmost portion of the building.

The academic wing (the southernmost portion of the building) is also progressing very nicely, with work having already begun on the second floor. Smoot Construction has done a great job in its planning to keep the project on schedule. An example of this effort is how the second floor of the building is being constructed. After the first floor load-bearing walls were built, steel workers installed large support posts and beams, which resembled an erector set. Onto those beams, a crane then lowered large precast concrete panels, which became the ceiling of the first level and the floor for the second. These panels are made off-site to exacting specifications. This construction method has many benefits, including being very efficient to fabricate, fairly quick to install, and making it easier to install mechanical systems between the concrete panels and the acoustic drop ceiling, underneath.

Thanks to the careful oversight of all parties associated with the project, the building remains on schedule and within budget.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery and overhead drone videos on the “Construction News” page of our website, at gocruisers.org/constructionupdate.aspx.
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