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School Starts on Tuesday, September 4; Enroll Now!
If you know of a family new to our school district, be sure to share this information with them so that they can get their child enrolled for the coming school year.
The Groveport Madison Schools “SpeedyStart” online registration system makes enrolling a child for school quick and easy. Most of the registration process can be completed from the comfort of home. After completing the online portion of the registration, the parent/guardian will be invited to schedule a convenient time to meet with our Enrollment Center staff to finalize the child’s enrollment.
DON’T WAIT. ENROLL NOW! Enrolling early helps to ensure a smooth start of school year for children. By registering early, we can provide parents with the child’s school assignment, set up bus routes (where applicable), and provide all the information parents need to be ready for the start of the school year. To enroll a child or get additional information, visit our enrollment center website at www.gocruisers.org/enrollment.aspx.
Please Note:  Preschool enrollment cannot be completed online. Please call Roberta McDonnell at 614-916-1166 to schedule an appointment. 
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