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HIDDEN PAGE - Food Drive Survey

Please join the E.A.T. Committee during May in our food drive efforts to support the Greater Groveport Food Pantry.  

We chose to do the fundraiser in May because kids are just getting out of school and need easy to prepare food for the summer. During other times of the year, there are many churches, scout troops, and community groups holding food drives. But in the summer, the need is high, but the donations are low. We encourage everyone to participate! Here are the details:

Our baseball season will run May 1 through May 31. We will tally all donations and announce the winning team on Friday, May 31. We will hold a baseball potluck to celebrate (hot dogs, brats, popcorn, Cracker Jack, etc.

Fan - You may decide you want to participate but not be on a team. You can give your donations to any team(s) you wish to support.

Player - You may want to participate and help your team score multiple home runs! We will randomly pull names of players from a hat and assign them to a team or designate them as a "free agent."

Team Captain - Players will elect their Team Captain. Captains are in charge of collecting and counting their team's donations and keeping track of their home runs!

Free Agent - You will not join a team, initially. Teams will try to entice you to sign to their team and bring all of your donations along with you!

Trade Deadline is May 24 - All Free Agents must be assigned to a team for their donations to count towards a team's total contributions. 

We encourage every team first to pick a Team Captain who will help in collecting and counting your team's donations. Every team also needs to choose a team name and team colors!

While we appreciate every donation, particular donations will earn more “points” towards a home run. These “high point foods” are the foods most in demand at the food pantry.

3-Point Food Donations:
   - Cereal
   - Microwavable mac & cheese cups
   - Microwavable pasta cups
   - Canned meat, fish, tuna, chicken, stew, chili, salmon or corned beef.
   - Peanut Butter (or other nut butter)
   - Jelly or jam

All other food donations will earn one (1) point.

Please watch your team members “run the bases” at our Cruiser Stadium located in the kitchen at the DSC. For every 10 points, your team will advance another base. 

Bring in 40 points worth of donations and your team scores a home run!

The team with the most home runs will win the pennant this year! In case of a tie, we will look to see who’s on first, what’s on second, if I don’t know is on third…

The winning team will also win a GMLSD athletic t-shirt for each member of their team.
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